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Sauna Area

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Finnish Sauna 90°

Sauna as an event for body and soul. The priority in our Finnish Sauna is on sweating.

Let the time pass by and enjoy a cup of tea for free after your sauna session in our rest area.

Finnish Sauna 65°

This kind of sauna has a moderate temperatur of 65°C.

Changing color light has a beneficial effect on the human organism and regulates many metabolic processes.

By adding valuable aromas such as sage, lavender and eucalyptus, your physical and mental well-being is enhanced.

Foot Bath

Take a foot bath to relax your feet!

The feet have to carry us through the whole life and have earned care and relaxation.

Different fragrances are used for the well-being of your feet.

Spouting Bowl

By slowly rubbing the handles on the bare spots with moisturized palms you will first hear a buzzing sound. Soon you will see the the curling surface of the water.

If you intensifie the movement – the best results may be expected by moving your hands in the opposite direction – the water jumps into the height at four locations in the bowl.

Using different hand positions and changed pressures, a number of other sounds can be generated known as overtones . These sounds can make the water rotate and jump in six or even eight directions.

The best results are achieved by patient experimenting like playing a musical instrument rather than intensifing the movement.

Watch a video demonstration of the spouting bowl!

Shiatsu Massage Chair

The Shiatsu massage was developed about 100 years ago in Japan.

The aim of this finger pressure massage is to promote an optimal working of the life energy in the body. In Japan it is called “Qi”.

The massage chair uses this knowledge and can help you relieve symptoms typical of our time such as stress, tension and insomnia.

The chair serves two massage functions. In the back area a couple of counter-rotating massage heads mimic the Shiatsu finger pressure massage. In the thigh and calf area the chair is equipped with a vibration massage function.