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Pilgerstein am Linksrheinischen Jakobsweg direkt am CONTEL Hotel
Inauguration of the Pilgrim Stone

We look forward to tomorrow’s inauguration of the Pilgrim Stone. The Pilgrim Stone is

Paul Mitchell
Special award for Pia Bianca hairdresser in the CONTEL

We congratulate to the special award and look forward to Pia Bianca in the

Hausgemachte frische Waffeln und Kaffeespezialitäten im CONTEL Koblenz
Homemade fresh waffles and coffee specialties in the restaurant “Flea Market”

We want to ENJOY your Sunday! Visit us on March 11 from 12 pm

Kowelenz Olau im CONTEL Hotel Koblenz
Kowelenz Olau

The CONTEL team wishes everyone a great and foolish carnival

Nikolaus im CONTEL Koblenz
Santa Claus

Our Santa Claus choclates wait for your nightly use in the CONTEL hotel.

A la "The Taste"
A la “The Taste” at the CONTEL Hotel

Our cooks made a great match à la "The Taste". Apart from other dishes

Looking forward to Christmas

We are already in the middle of the pre-christmas period and looking forward to


Thanks for the wonderful season! Our beergarden is closed during the autumn and winter

PIA BIANCA hairdresser in the CONTEL

We are pleased that we could win Mrs. Konetzke as a partner. On Saturday,

Boss`s chair
Boss`s chair

Our new boss-chairs are there. Have a seat.

Coffee-/Tea station for all rooms
Coffee station for all rooms

To make your day start good, all the rooms have been equipped with a

Minibar fridges for all rooms
Minibar fridges for all rooms

The summer season can come! All rooms without mini kitchen are equipped with a mini

CONTEL Hotel "Beergarden by the frog pond"
Beergarden season 2017

We are ready! The new beer garden season has begun. Now only the weather

Photographs of young artists from Koblenz
Photographs of young artists from Koblenz

We support young artists from Koblenz. Our hotel rooms have been furnished with great

Neue Küche CONTEL Hotel Koblenz
New kitchen in the CONTEL Hotel Koblenz

Our kitchen team is satisfied! The brand new kitchen is perfect. Thus, great food